Why Minerva ERP ?

Minerva ERP is an Innovative Cloud based Software as a Service that offers an affordable solution for the Administration of Educational Institutions of any size, highly secured and reliable platform for faculties to manage their interactions with Students and their Parents effectively in real-time. It provides the power to effectively incorporates industry best practices that impacts your Institution's Culture and Mindset positively. It helps to inspire Creativity, Easy learning experience to guide your students with Digital skills

Paperless Administration

With Minerva ERP, no more standing in queues or filling out application for admission, managing attendance of the students, manage books from library, Inventory, assessment reports for the students. As the data and other supporting information are getting stored on a cloud platform with 100% data reliability so it promotes less usage of paper which helps saving our environment.

Access Anywhere and AnyTime Data

Administrators can record all data related to the students on a single platform and access them securely from anywhere. They also serve as a backup system that updates and preserve the data from time to time which helps teachers, parents, students can access their data such as study materials, Projects, Assignments and other educational contents from anywhere on the go..

AI powered Prescriptive insights on Career Development

Hear talk about, how the data student’s certain learning behavior and pattern is leveraged based on identifying to prepare for the Students career automatically. Do is by asking a question on how important is it in shaping a student’s career with a holistic development.

Realtime Reporting and Dashboard

A real time reporting and dashboard that contains multiple type of data visualizations that are automatically updated with the most current data available in the system. These data visualizations offer a combination of historic data and real-time information that is useful for identifying emerging trends and monitoring efficiency of your operational activities.

CCTV Surveillance

Technology has been playing a pivotol role with the ability to be present everywhere. CCTV Surveillance brings better security assurance for students as Students are monitored individually, Teacher's teaching behaviour can be monitored, emergencies can be managed effectively, help school authorities to track each and every event that unfolds in the classroom. This can help more than the surprise visits from authorities.

Live Bus Tracking

Track my bus feature enables you to keep track of the current bus location. You can track your bus on a map and use the information to plan your children’s commute to the boarding point and you can check the bus location to coordinate pick-ups and rest assured about your children’s safety.

Productivity Improvement

With technology advancement in attendance module through RFID and Bio-metric implementation, teacher’s effort shall be reduced, report card preparation effort has been digitized so manual effort will be reduced significantly. Thus, teacher can focus on teaching rather than operational work. As most of the certificate preparation activities, payroll effort are automated through Minerva so it reduces the human effort to a greater extent


Date Reliability & Data Security

Implementation of availability zones like Geo-redundant storage (GRS) makes the data replicated across regions. This makes the data available all the time using Cloud Site Recovery to protect from any regional disaster. As we use Cloud Backup Service to automatically backup the educational institutions data periodically so you do not need to worry about your data reliability, and we promise you that 100% data will be available around the clock.

Cloud database has been hosted on a private network to prevent public access to make it secure. All data have been encrypted by the cloud service, our Cloud service providers make multiple methods of access control over storage resources available to secure the data diligently and use of Multifactor Authentication make the authentication and authorization more secure and reliable.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly focusing towards enhancing the ERP solution based on the Government updated policy, understanding the new feature request, changes or any new recommendation suggested by both School and College educational institutions. We would periodically add a new feature or update certain existing features and update the educational institutions accordingly. If required, necessary trainings shall be arranged on any new updates with free of cost.

Centralized Communication

All important announcement shall be done through our SMS, Email and Push notifications (mobile) and announcement dashboard section helps for centralized communication for parents, students and teachers.

Easy Integration

Our elegant ERP solution can be easily integrated with any payment gateway, bio-metric system, SMS Gateway and GPS navigation based on the educational institutions requirements with no additional cost.


Dedicated 24 x 7 Support

We provide free classroom training, free onsite support for a week, free existing data migration and 24 x 7 support post implementation.